Thursday, September 12, 2013

hot news flash

so much radness and weirdness in these parts.
let's talk about it:

firstly, the fine folk at & Pens Press and i had a little chat and talked about the day in the life. you can read all about it HERE.

secondly, i was invited to make a little mix for the mixtape club. which i did. you can listen to it HERE while you fritter away the day.

thirdly, i am going to be in an art show at FTC skateshop in san francisco to celebrate the radness and is-ness of GNARHUNTERS. that is elissa steamer's company that encompasses and celebrates all things gnar. bonus: i will actually be in town for the show and be able to see it.

i have more things to tell you, but i'll get to that tomorrow.
i miss you.

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