Sunday, April 7, 2013


i recently got a portable ipod speaker thing from a garage sale (for free! you just gotta stuff a piece of styrofoam behind it and it will work just fine) and i listened to this song three times on it today and yesterday, all in the kitchen. this song is really long and the world needs more long songs and doesn't it make you want to write a really long song sand sing it for a very long time and maybe that song tells the story (or a version) of your entire life so far and then when you're done singing you just pick up your shit and walk on out the room and get on with it. man, i love this song. "i wish i had one million dollars so we could light it aflame"! i know i know!
specifically i remember buying this cd (this is the only song on it i think) from the berkeley amoeba (at full price) and going home and listening to it in my room at lobot and then riding my bike around listening to it on a sunny sunday just like today but three thousand miles away. and it did and does just what it's supposed to be doing to me still. i am feeling things today!

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Tyler Rein said...

I dont know how I have never come across this but this is amazing and THANK YOU for sharing