Sunday, April 7, 2013

pyt in the nyt

so i did an illustration for an article in the new york times sunday review that came out today. what a thing to happen! it's these kind of things that i can do that i feel like i can show my parents and they will appreciate it and understand in a normal and easy way. it's way easier to explain than "night eggs".  and let me tell you, when the nyt comes a-knockin, you say "yes!" and what a heavy article this is to illustrate! i won't say it was easy but i am happy with what came out in the end. what a humbling feeling to have and to share with you right now. now please someone from the new yorker give me a call so i can make those tiny little drawings that pop up in the middle of long stories that have nothing to do with the story.
here's the article: nyt

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I got really excited that this was gonna be a willie nelson song.