Wednesday, December 19, 2012

presently posted

during my time as an artist-in-residence at facebook campus i also utilized their amazing silk screen workshop to make some prints. the "analog research lab" has a nice spread and it really made me miss having my own set up. i need to change that. i need to build my own shop for this sort of stuff. this is me saying i am going to do that. anyway:
it's hard to tell, but this is kind of a monster, 27x39 inches. i used some letraset rub-on type that  i got from fellow residents and awesome people, artists a+b, blew it up on the copy machine then made some films. the black line is torn newsprint stencil. 

and this one, which is smaller. 14x22.
both of these go in that category in my brain of "promotional posters for the present moment". maybe i'm hammering that into the ground and making too much of a thing about it, but these all fit together to me. how do you deal with liking how some advertising looks but hate what they are in fact advertising?  i'd like to be able to do about a hundred more of these and i am going to try to. 

ps in case anyone is curious, i don't have any of these to sell. but i am planning on a 2013 onslaught of new posters and prints and other things, some based on some of this batch of work, but expanded and fine-tuned.  
i am pumped to put this year in the bag and get on with some newness. onward!


Sean said...

These are amazing. I'm a huge fan of your work, became acquainted through your Vetiver artwork (one of my favourite bands) and it's such a perfect marriage of sound and art. Always psyched to see new work by you!

nathaniel russell said...

wow thank you!

smith-sf said...

dude, both of these are radical, but i especially love the coffee mug! Please make these prints!
Keep it up man, loving your style.