Friday, December 14, 2012

hitting the books

so as i mentioned earlier, i did an artist-in-residence stint at facebook campus last month. my project was supposed to interact with and engage people on campus in some way. after my initial instinct to go with some confrontational performance art, i decided to continue on with a project that will probably keep going until i'm dead. i made a bunch of posters.
 i call them "promotional posters for the present moment" but in this case i thought of them as anti-productivity propaganda. sort of, don't work so hard, take some time for yourself and for what is really important in life cornball stuff. no word yet if this has brought facebook crumbling down to ruins.
 i then put up some posters around with no explanation. 
note: this is a drawing of a satisfied old man, but some people thought it looked like dave thomas, founder of wendy's.
 let us travel to exotic lands
file this under thing i might actually do one day
 this too
 you figure it out
 snuck some gratuitous nudity in there
 i didn't realize until later that this sort of looks like the facebook "like" symbol from the back. timely!
 also file under things i eventually want to make real
 all these prints were made on a risograph machine, which looks like copier, but is actually a weird mix of silk screen, offset lithography, and digital printing. it's super fun.
then i did a little demonstration and a talk and gave away all the posters to whoever wanted them. many people wanted the cat thing to be real.
 drying plants
 risograph, man, i wish i had one
would love to paint this one real big on a big old building somewhere. hit me up, grant-givers!
i also made some big silk screens which i will save for later. 

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