Wednesday, April 4, 2012

life notes

-many thanks to kyle for helping me get my art show hung. he was an essential ingredient in all manner of things getting done and me not going insane. (picture stolen from the internet). he even loaned me some sweatpants to keep me warm at night and they made all the difference.
-i wish i could travel back in time and visit a younger version of myself and tell him, "my son, one day you will be drawing pizza for a living, and it will be weird. it's ok!"
-i was able to sleep on many guest beds during my trip, from which i am still recovering, and i must say, guest beds are so much better than floors and couches. the feeling of refreshment and rejuvenation cannot be beat. do yourself a favor, stay with your friends who have guest bedrooms and thank them profusely.
-i am feeling like playing music again. let's go on a tour of gourmet chef's living rooms and the backyards of families
-kind of glad i didn't win the megamillions jackpot. is there a megahundreds? that is more my speed.
-memory loss

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greigoreite said...

Our family would love to host you in our backyard, as well as in our guest room.