Tuesday, April 17, 2012

bird bundle

monaco and grand gallery, some fine folks in tokyo, japan have released a compilation of music that i have made as a part of the band birds of america. it spans the time from when i first moved to california up to when i moved back to indiana. it's got some songs from singles, some live things, some home recordings and some miscellaneous tunage. it's a limited cd release, so far only available in japan, but you can listen to it here and if you want, you can email me fore some information on how to order a cd in america and otherwise.
making up songs and recording music is such a weird, wonderful and confusing thing. i'm really thankful to have this to look back on remember things to.

a large interstellar high five of praises to the birds past future and present: sam flax, amy blaustein, pat thomas, chris barth, aaron deer, maggie hilt, seth mahern and the apache dropout, aaron prellwitz, kris ellis, cassidy rockhill, james mcvey, simone rubi, abby g, chris vorhees, and katie coles. thanks!