Wednesday, December 21, 2011

winter weekends

went to the medical history museum over the weekend. yeah, we know how to party.

 it's on the grounds of what used to be central state hospital aka the insane asylum. they've torn down most of it, but some it is still around and empty. i'm sure there are lots of flickr pages if you look of people creeping around.

 the museum is still kept up and looks like it did in the old days. this is where the doctors took classes. no texting!

 nice signage all around.

 duplex cookies in the snack area.

 still stackin.

 love the old ways of packaging.

 guess what? everybody has syphilis. and marion county is still number one for syphilis in the country. we're number one!
once you're done in the museum you can take a wrong turn on purpose and lurk around some of the old empty buildings...

 what's up creepy abandoned dining hall? what evil dwells within you? i don't know because i'm not going in there. i've seen that movie.

 also on the grounds is an empty 70s-era school. reminds me a lot of  that "over the edge" movie. i'm not gonna mess with Fast Eddie.

somehow i don't believe that it is "all good" in there. again, i'm not going in there just to get eaten or forced into some kind of wicked blood game of death.

these dudes made us leave. jerks.

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