Monday, December 5, 2011

morning meditation

hello indianapolis. you are getting stoked for the superbowl coming to town, so you are fixing up the joint.

one of the things you're fixing up is the "general services administration" building from 1974. it's a big cement box, but in is underbelly there's a big rainbow mural that milton glaser did in 1975. finally, the superbowl is having a positive effect on my life!

like i said, mr. glaser did this in 1975 and this proves it. "color fuses". nice one.

before these weird permanent tables and stools were here, there were some cement blocks and ledges. they were really slick and on the tall side and were really fun to skate. however, this is a government building and we would get kicked out within 2 minutes every time. even at one in the morning. i guess in the end they decided to put in these stupid looking things.
also, it would probably feel very strange to walk through that stair tunnel. seems like a good place for a creep to lurk just around the corner.

gradient in progress. they have big squares with names next to them that denote what color will be where when they get around to re-painting this thing.

it surprises and comforts me that somebody still has a job naming paint colors. seems like a robot would have taken that over and it all would be numbers by now. this is "jamaican smile".

"full bloom"

gradient interlude


just primer, but this is his moment

"energize it"

i wonder if mr. glaser knows this is going on? i wonder if he remembers? i wonder if i can ever find a color photo of the fresh mural from 1975? a year after this popped into the world, i popped in, too, just down the road at the iu medical center. i wonder if my folks drove past this thing on the way? i will take more pictures when it's all new and fresh, i promise.

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