Thursday, October 13, 2011

music tapes letters

while trying to organize the endless boxes of crud in the basement i came along this little artifact of summers' past. it's a letter from julian koster to me when i was living in muncie and trying to book his band to play at the yard sale/art sale (YART SALE) we were putting on. that postmark says march 18, 1999.

pre-email address communications, right here. i met julian very briefly at a neutral milk hotel show in ohio some months before and he was really into the idea a tour that involved playing people's backyards. he did come to muncie, but he ended up playing my buddy chris' parents house in indianapolis. i don't know where i was or why i did not got to that show.

i think i sent him a tape and a letter and being stoked to get a letter back. somewhere there is also a tape of a really funny answering machine message he left for me at my mom's house. people tend to romanticize the pre-internet age sometimes, but you know some things were special in a way that's gone now. let's think on that.

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