Sunday, October 2, 2011


as i readjust to being home and sort through the rubble, i am going to talk about a place and suggest how good skateboarding is for the soul and body.

you know a spot is going to be good when it requires a little woodland hike to get there. paul, pictured here, was kind enough to take me to this spot twice during my time down south.

the drains aka cat-town (get it?). a perfect little downhill number with all the good curves and cracks you'd expect. down towards the bottom, people had arranged brush and branch to make little wave-things that you could tuck under. only in a surf town, right? awesome.

it was one of those places i always wanted to skate when i was a kid but never quite found. i astral projected and let the 14-year-old version of myself inhabit our body and look at it and he was pumped. he was all also really stoked that we had armpit hair now and somehow escaped middle school.

peace and sweetness. dude, you should probably stretch first.

the bro cruise down. paul was on an 80s dogtown ben sherman that weighed about 20 pounds and those big soft wheels that were born to do exactly what it is they are doing.

i did not land this, but it looks cool, right? no one has to know.

paul tucking under one of those little branch-tubes. so pitted!

amac was there (and he took a lot of these photos and the photos of the art show. what a good dude, he is.) and got some. he had that surf-y style for miles. he also proceeded to embarrass paul and i in a variety of bowls later that day with fearless edge-dawgs and frontside slash babies.

all things must end, but at least some of them end with a nice little walk through some plants.

and no ditch mission is complete without some weird satanic graffiti. thank you paul and amac for sharing the goodness and once again delivering a day that won't be forgotten.

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Josh Aggars said...

I'm stoked just reading that so it must have had a great time. Glad your 14 year old self could enjoy it. Never lose that inside youth!