Monday, June 20, 2011

weekend warriors

had a yard sale

sold this to a 15 year old neighborhood girl. i was afraid her parents might come back to my house and demand a refund, but is this stuff even shocking anymore? when i was in 7th grade i was in a skate contest and i they played easy-e during my run. i was really embarrassed because my mom was there. she never said anything about it. maybe because there's not much that's "gangsta" about a middle school skate contest in a church parking lot.

milton glaser painted a 600 foot mural on this federal building in indianapolis in 1974. i can't find a good picture online of it when it was completed and it's looking pretty faded now. a little rainbow of goodness underneath an otherwise oppressive and bummer of a building.

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whoa. cool that glasser made the bummer into a rainbow