Wednesday, June 1, 2011

sunday swim

went on a drive-a-round on sunday. that means you have a vague destination in your head and you end up spending almost all your time in the car because you didn't call ahead to make sure things would be open or check the weather before you left. but check out that little van.

as soon as we got to our destination, it started raining like the end of the world. so we had to wait it out a little bit in the parking lot.

i tried to ask if we could take photos of this leg sun dial sculpture but i went into the office and it was bare butts as far as the eye could see. i like to think of myself as a pretty mellow person, but all the casual butts kind of threw me for a second. just a bunch naked dudes hanging out drinking beers. it was a weird vibe. i wasn't ready. anyway, we snuck in while the security gate was up and got a crappy photo of it in the rain.

"The Sun Aura Nudist Resort opened in 1933. Back then it was called Club Zoro and its founder was Alois Knapp, a Chicago lawyer, German Nacktkulturist, editor of Sunshine and Health magazine, and "the father of nudism in America."

The club eventually passed into the hands of Dale and Mary Drost. Their son, Dick, had big ideas: he renamed the place Naked City, made it the home of the Ms. Nude Teeny Bopper Contest and the "Erin Go Bra-less" Dance on St. Patrick's Day, and had built the giant lady's leg sundial, 63 feet long and properly positioned to tell time -- a useful feature for wristwatchless nudists.

Naked City closed in 1986 when Dick was run out of Indiana on child molestation charges, but the leg remains and so does the resort, now under new management. The circular main building with the mirror gold windows is a combination office-sauna-restaurant."

Nude Beach by Birds Of America

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Robin said...

Wow! Nat, that's a different kind of sunday fun-day! That leg sun dial is pretty incredible too.