Thursday, July 15, 2010

target market

-yes, i am your target market for this product
-world: bring back good package design! please!
-if mcdonalds or mountain dew had this sort of ad campaign i would be so into it
-i wish i had done this and not just dreamed about it. actually, not really: i'm so glad this exists and confirms that we are not alone.
-have you seen the cosmic alpine cat scratcher where the cat is marching up a mountain wearing lederhosen? dude.
-the cat clouds are such a good touch. also the tail wrapping around the rainbow.
-it almost looks like an actual photo of a cat manipulated and traced? teach me.


J. SPEARS said...

haha dude! i love this post so much

mittenmaker said...
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mittenmaker said...

DEFINITELY one of the best blog entries of all time