Tuesday, July 27, 2010

M in the roman sense

guess what?
this is the THOUSANDTH post here on crooked arm.
that's right, 1000. a thousand. dude.

i was gearing up for a mega-post last week, but then:
-my camera got stolen (again) or i lost it.
-i got 6 stitches in my toe (and i took out one of the stitches myself like RAMBO in reverse) and i couldn't even take a picture of it because my camera got stole.
-i went to chicago
-there was a heat advisory for 4 days
-i discovered my cat's secret bathroom in the basement
what a week!

you think we're gonna let that crap stop us here at blog headquarters?
in celebration of this momentous occasion in blog history (ie 1000 POSTS), i present to you TWO SWEET MEGAMIXES specially commissioned for your downloading and listening pleasure! because i love you!

first up we have DREAM KAT, an audible excursion into the mind and inner space of the kat of dreams, the universe of the gentle cruise.

by longtime Friend Of Crooked Arm and kind bud, Sorcerer.
you can download the mix, tracklist, and art for your pod here.


next up is SMUGGLER"S COVE, a classy dive into the sweet sweet indulgence of secluded underwater caves filled with drinks in coconuts and deep album cuts on the PA.

lovingly assembled by tight bro Andy Cabic of Vetiver.
you can download the mix, tracklist, and art for your pod here.

the special celebration posting will continue throughout the week with: more buttons! a new shirt! more pictures of the cat! a weird sign!

seriously: thank you for looking at this blog of my art and life etc. i sincerely appreciate all the support and comments. PEACE!

(ps any problems with the downloads? let me know!)


∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆∆ said...

proceeding to get my smuggler on.

bert raccoon said...

happy blogday? congratulations on your blogiversary?

long time enjoyer of crooked arm, thank you!

Jair Bortoleto said...


AMD said...

Woooohoooooo! Sweet mlog dude!

peaceful evening said...

I wear my Universe button just about every day, Thanks dude!

magical said...

amazing!!! when is the blog party?
also, i think i've got our cat issues figured out, (knock on wood or whatever) no foil required. tell you about it when i see you.

nathaniel russell said...

100oth birthday blog party next week! i'm making a cake.

Steely said...

Where do I grab the mix from? Can't wait to hear it!

Satellite of Love said...

Yes, two years too late... are you able to at least post the track listing?