Monday, September 14, 2009

time machine

i found a box of old 8mm film in my mom's basement and had it made digital.

it's pretty amazing to be able to look back like this. my mom was younger than i am right now in this shot. was she as freaked out then as i am now?

i can't even believe it.

my grandpa doc was a small town doctor and they named a whole day after him.

grandpa grumpy and grandma limey were stoked.

it's like that penguin is saying, "dude, let me tell you about something called a 'blog'..."


Jamie Watson said...

Wow. That is cool.

wonderskirt said...

second shot is a real doozy. this is rad.

Anne Lind said...

Wow, Nat, brought back memories from long ago! Great shot of Dad (Grandpa).