Wednesday, September 2, 2009

day routes

did you know that i pay the bills doing art and design for records? what, you think i make a living off of drawing bearded men and making fake bookshelves?
mostly it's a lot of reissues for vinyl where i make new versions of old records and sit looking at photoshop for hours on end. sometimes it's doing original art for new and old bands, tribute albums, and reissues for cds. here's a poster i just did for the upcoming judee sill tribute album, which is a pretty great record.
lately, i've been either sitting in my van driving indiana backroads or sitting in front of the computer using the clone tool to erase 30 year old ring wear. so here's a peek at some of the more interesting commercial stuff i'm doing and not a drawing of a tooth because i have not been doing too much of that this week. one day i'll do a post of all the records i've worked on, but there's been 200 or something like that. i feel lucky that i can do this and i don't have to work to hardee's selling their new bologna egg and cheese biscuit.


A A D D A A M M C C said...

so rad. this album looks like it'll be amazing.

bandito101 said...

dude. the rustangs just finished screening their record covers! sending 'em up to curtis to get SOLD!!!!
we'll send you a few brah!!!

thanks nat, ur the raddest