Wednesday, May 13, 2009

the wiener's circle

hey serena, look: your block went to chicago.

me and abby g went to look at the big buckminster fuller exhibit. one word: dymaxionalicious. (oh and i also went to a man's barber who cut all my hair off and shaved me with a straight razor and lather and the works. it was intense.)

banana licuado. i'm sorry california, other states have tacos that are just as good.

that's right, her name is DORKA (look at the lower right) and we are in love.

words to live by on ghazal's wall

-saw the rad dudes in vetiver play the best show i've seen of their's perhaps? it's a fact.
-looked at a bunch of 70s skin mags and you know what: the articles actually were really good back then.
-played pool and listened to jukebox records
-took a nap
-ate a corn spinach onion cheese omelette then listened to bruce springsteen the whole ride home in the rain


squishy said...

Thanks for the shout out Nat. Me and my blocks will take this nation.

cameron said...

hot dog your were around my city of hotdogs!

melissa said...

thought that was a beret for a moment there

Abbyg said...

thanks for giving our fine taco establishment a nice shout out!