Tuesday, May 12, 2009

hiss golden messenger

this is the art for the record "country hai east cotton" by Hiss Golden Messenger, some good friends and tight buds. (this is the cover)

we took a while on it, or to be fair, i took a long time. but it was worth it and it came out looking good. (this is the back. they are all numbered out of 500)

more hand lettering! leave the perfection for those nerds in the helvetica movie! (just kidding that movie is pretty great but that german dude needs to RELAX)(this is from the inside)

if you're feeling cosmic plains feelings, i recommend it. (this is also from the inside. did i mention it's a nice paper gatefold printed by the lovelies at stumptown?)


jesse said...

its beautiful!

A A D D A A M M C C said...

where's the spot to get this in nyc? academy i'm guessing will get it.

Hiss Golden Messenger said...

i will say that nat russell just killed it on this. nat, you did it. 'twas worth the wait. and yeah, check at academy in like a week or two.

magical said...

it IS beautiful!