Sunday, February 8, 2009

again with this

it's like when you're listening to npr and it's pledge week, but way less annoying: it's me telling you again for real that the calendars are in hand and ready to be shipped! pre-orders have already shipped! (thanks, dudes!)

let me tell you about it:
-3 color silkscreen, 18x24, on recycled archival paper, printed by Bloom Press in Oakland, California.
-i'm always late on things, maybe you are, too? this calendar deosn't even kick in until the 15th of february, so you still have plenty of time.
-the theme of this year is helping out your fellow people. give a hand!
-signed and numbered limited edition of 100.

(low quality photo taken on an iphone because my real camera was stolen by a burglar)
this is the button to click on to get one:

$35 postage included.
still a handful left, with some heading out to a few exclusive retail outlets in such exotic locales as: san francisco, los angeles, brooklyn, indianapolis, and louisville.
word on those later on.

and thanks for the support and for looking. i always feel a little off about selling things on here so i try to keep it to a minimum and i promise to only post about this a few more times or until i run out.
"send your love into space" - sun ra.

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