Wednesday, February 4, 2009


things to remember today because today is my birthday:
-power scarf
-celebrity spot (i am in LA)
-listen to pulp "this is hardcore" in it's entirety
-make a wood contraption to make a giant wooden head stand up
-extreme breakfast
-get a tattoo
-buy socks
-buy/make/discover the hood below and wear it around all day, but not in a weird or frightening way


Abbyg said...

are you really getting a tattoo? My name would look awesome on your face, bru!

Abbyg said...


Toddy said...

happy birthday from the hoi polloi.

Jamie Watson said...

You rule on your birthday, and every day.

Mystic Friendsy said...

33 on the 3rd!? golden year duuude.

melissa said...

you got it dude

jesse said...

333 is the new 666. so good seeing you! you make any time the most fun time...but seriously tattoo? did you get one? also: happy bday brudda

luluiswho said...

fuck pulp.