Sunday, November 2, 2008

the last five years of november firsts and seconds

in 2003 i was in mexico tripping out on some heavy good times.

in 2004 i took this photo of a falafel genie on kearny in downtown sf.

in 2005 there was a noise show where i lived and the person who was playing was covered in what appeared to be green dreadlocks while their child (who also had three noise albums of his own at the merch table and could not be older than 12) filmed the entire performance. it was one of the most amazing and horrible things i've ever seen in my life.

in 2006 i painted a seacat on the bathroom door at mollusk.

in 2007 i was LOLing while standing on lisa's couch in austin. then we watched troll 2.

i don't have any photos of this weekend. but i went to a day of the dead party with a bunch of tight bros last night and listened to the beach boys "holland" a lot today.


luluiswho said...

dude. i miss you. ny is boring w/o peen/poon drawing parties. xoxo

ruzxs said...
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ruzxs said...

what i meant to say was...

lol! just a few weeks ago i was LOLing while sleeping on lisa's couch in austin, until i realized the air mattress was for me.

and, green dread noise dad, i love it.