Saturday, November 15, 2008

i am taking your portrait and conjuring up magical digital cameras at the same exact time

remember when i was telling you how i broke my camera? it's true. i was in los angeles trying to take a picture of a car that looked like a shark and i dropped it. dead. here is a picture of me discovering it was broken as the shark car looked on (picture swiped from the always amazing thank you blog sister, who witnessed this whole deal go down):

at the time, no big whoop. just another thing, right? yeah, but i realize now how much i use this thing and how much i liked it. this camera ripped. they've since updated it and whatnot, but who needs all that? i just want my little buddy back. so here's what i'm trying to do. i'm trying to conjure another camera by drawing a picture of a camera and somebody taking a picture with it in hopes that somewhere out there somebody want to either a) trade a camera for it, or b) buy it from me at the exact amount it will cost for me to get another one.

the beautiful Panasonic DMC-TZ3:

here's the drawing i did for it:

"i am taking your portrait"
ink on paper, 11x18 inches
$209.95 (free shipping!)

you know, the holidays are coming up, maybe you are in love with a photographer and want to impress them with art. this will do it, i promise. they will love you after looking at this little nugget in the flesh. you will get married. maybe you are a millionaire and you are in love with me. we will get married. maybe you work at a camera store and can get this thing for twenty dollars. you, also, will get married.

this may seem slightly pathetic. it probably is. but let's treat it as an experiment in magical conjuring. of digital cameras. or think of it like when npr has pledge week and you have to deal with fresh air with terry gross being cut short every day.

if you want it and wanna trade: crookedarm (at)



luluiswho said...

dude... you look pimp in that photo! nice fade btw.

J.P. St. Pierre said...

FYI, you got a fan letter in the new Dwell magazine about the fine artwork you did for the last issue.