Friday, June 20, 2008

texas toasted

absence and fondness: do you love it more?
i am in texas. it has been a trippy week.
gilbert just gave the gift of dsl, so bug out.

the way things fit is like this.

some people call me the space cowboy.

some people call me the gangster of snacks. and waiting rooms. fugazi.

this guy cutting no slack whasoever.

you are here, or were here. Alpine is where the bike store and the movie theater is, but i'm about 25 miles to the left.

with the critters.

my new desk does an arabesque.

dude, the spectrum of the crawl!

and the spectral mom! this one is really weird.

surprise roomate Duncan was saved from certain dehydration and possible death. now, as you can see, he is stoked. bros for life!

the double moons of marfa, texas. two moon junction!

distant lightning.


Jamie Watson said...

You and Duncan are sitting on a rainbow couch and there are rainbows in your new work. I like the rainbows.

Neat post.

simone said...

spectral mom totally scares me. what would spectral dad or cousin look like? fun to see duncan.