Tuesday, June 3, 2008

screaming fields

people have been giving me money to draw things lately and it's amazing.
this is a sneak partial peep of a bigger project i can't show you right now because that would be wrong.


Toddy said...

I reckon I'd give you money, but it would have to be less than you are getting most likely.
Either way, anything else for sale?

There area few blank places on the wall above my son's bed.

magical said...

you tease!!! looks like something morris the cat would wear.

nathaniel russell said...

toddy-bro, email me and we'll work it out. and i don't get that much money, so don't worry. i'm still a bum.

Jamie Watson said...

congratulations. this piece looks beautiful.

lavender cowboy said...

can you email me the rest of it? a small jpeg will suffice!
you know i'm your biggest french fan.

Toddy said...

Right, let me see what I can do about digging up your address.

in any case I am toddyokoh over at the Yahoo compound.