Wednesday, April 8, 2015

the colors and the shapes and the big wall and the wood of it

just completed a big old mural deal out in california usa
my buddy chris assisted in the madness and wood work
cut-outs and cosmics
starry eve vs snowy globe
let's take a look:
 day one was all scissor lift classes, finding parking, eating lunch and hoop jumping so it wasn't until day two that i was able to put brush to wall. the beginnings of dudes.
 chris in his element shape-making and wood-smoothing
 shapes come in colors now
 and they wait patiently
 evolutions and the wall hanging begins
 three layers of it
 finishing touches and third coats
 from below the comet scene
 i forgot to take a lot of photos, i hope somebody got some good ones
 starry section
around the corner and down
4 days of busting and hanging and laughing and sleeping
and at the end we have this thing
but better yet on to the next thing