Wednesday, March 4, 2015

deep cuts

record reviews of some recent cassettes from the local german cafe/european gift shop:

Goofball synth excursions into deep baguette-style noise/crust. 
The anti-hero of cave-squelch returns with his/her most brutal bagel-disco cuts yet. 

 Wurm's debut album, back in print. Struttin' n' buttin' since 1973. 
Includes all-fretless bass version of Wings' entire "back to the egg" LP as bonus track. 

  Clown punk and birthday cake scrunt, wrapped up in a prosciutto slice of lite funk-jazz.
white face paint smeared on a gong.

tub jams for yours and mine. music to loofa by.
dapper gent seeks sudsbros for playful casiotone and kimono play.
sounds like walter becker solo LP played at 45rpm.

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