Wednesday, February 25, 2015

life notes

-i think my child speaks fluent Hamburglar
-nothing in my house is child proofed and we are like two days away from full mobility over here
-that most recent thurston moore record is really good
-i had an art show in seattle and i never even wrote  about it on here
-i designed a poster for a festival i wish i could go to (see above)
-i'm working on updating and redesigning my website (boring)
-the balance of life and work and life is a tightrope, friends, let us help one another
-i want to make a skateboard graphic that is strictly for dads. like a screaming baby that's like the ripper graphic. or like one of those old slime balls ads where rob roskopp is barfing but it's... i don't even know but somebody is barfing.
-there is actually very little barfing going down in our house
-sorry for all the barf writing
-peace to us all

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Reg Mastice III said...

Oh please man, come to Italy!