Monday, October 20, 2014

ghost butt and smile

-i was recently reminded that in high school i slept on a waterbed
-i have this nagging urge that i should really know more about jim croce
-do you ever want to watch a  movie but just don't feel like reading subtitles?
-last week black francis played in town and i did not go. this seems like some kind of bummer milestone. my younger self is probably super bummed out.
-i just reorganzied my records and my reggae section is pretty slim. i felt bad about this.
-every night when i am trying to go to sleep i think about all the people i need to send a package off to and i feel bad about what  a flake i have become. to you: i'm sorry, really. i'm working on it.
-i was just thinking about these bright yellow Fuct pants i used to have.
-i'm into tapes these days. i support tapes.
-i want to go on a podcast. i am embarrassed about this. i don't know what it would be about i just would like to sit in front of a laptop and a mic and talk to somebody.
-my kid is so into sitting in a cardboard box and i am so proud of that.
-i can't have nice things

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