Monday, July 7, 2014

california working week

i painted a couple faces on a couple doors at some friends' new place to eat and drink that might confuse people but whatever you can just go in wherever. it's unisex.

i went to my buddies' Thomas and Tiffany's house in Bonny Doon, California and painted their backyard trailer. i got to sleep in the trailer, hang out with the dog, eat good meals, look at david lee roth videos, go skating with famous skateboarders, laugh at stuff, and generally just hang out and get weird. it was a great weekend! there are many good people in the world and more everyday, i feel.

i went to see one of my favorite musical groups, the range of light wilderness play in a redwood grove in Berkeley, a hop skip and a jump from my old stomping grounds down on milvia street. i miss milvia street and  imiss the way berkeley smells. 
i went to the office and worked with my brothers and sisters at mollusk making drawings, drinking coffee, and making jokes. i love work weeks with the dudes. 

and then i got to come home to the people who were waiting for me to come home which is a really good feeling to have. you should try it, it's great! 

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tomtariminskalle said...

really nice trip. and projects. curious on the skateboarders?

take care