Thursday, March 6, 2014

south by southwesting part one

i made some drawings and letters that turned into a poster and an internet advertisement and eventually a back drop for bands to play in front of for Juxtapoz Magazine's music party in Austin. i wish i could go but i'm on dad duty and i got no time for running around eating hot dogs at 3 in the morning. maybe next year!
maybe if you saw the calendar i made for this year you can tell that i've been into drawing dog bands. like musical bands with dogs as the members. i did a bunch for this poster but you know how it goes: not all our sweet babies can make the big time. but here are some of the sweet babies.

this one is actually in the background of the poster, but i thought it looked nice just like this.

also they made special shirts that they will be selling at the concert. one is made by GROTESK and one is made by me. mine is this one:

i thought it could be a shirt where people think it's a band? or maybe just a shirt that promotes the existence of plants? both of which are probably needed.

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