Tuesday, February 4, 2014

thank you lord for every song i sing

today is my birthday and i am thankful.
but i have questions:
-which is worse/better to show your month old baby: The Wicker Man or Purple Rain
-when will the winter end
-when will it get easy
-when will it be revealed
-when can i go skate again
-when is dinner
-when will i finally get into more than those two Prince records i like
-where is my check
-what does it mean
-how did my mom get those peanut butter rice crispie treats so good when i was a kid and why can't they be like that now
-where is the center
-i can play guitar as good as jimi hendrix where is my record deal

that last one i actually overheard at fat dog's subway guitar store in berkeley one time
i am pretty sure fat dog said it
thank you all

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