Tuesday, June 18, 2013


the fine folk at "it's nice that" did one of their Bookshelf features on me. 

i would be remiss if i did not mention that all my books would be in a pile on the floor and have coffee spilled on them if it wasn't for katie coles. when we mingled our book collections she organized them by subject, kept them nice, and makes the new ones get in where they fit in. thanks, katie. these are our bookshelves, i just picked out some my favorites for you, the reader, to look at and read about. 


donna enticknap said...

too good. a couple of weeks ago i discovered how much i like the gerbils because of one of your posts.. and now, a brautigan shelf. makes me very happy.. he's my favourite.
and i really like your blog.

nathaniel russell said...

thank you, donna! thank you!