Tuesday, October 23, 2012

nudie suit

i played some music at a place called grand gallery when i was in japan. it was really nice. really, it was. playing music is so different from making drawings. it's about being in the moment and feeling it right there in front of people and i think might be a good exercise for people to try out. i think if you do it right, it's a big relief, a big exhale. i think it's about as close to meditation as i've gotten in real life and you have to do it in front of everybody. well, you don't have to, but sometimes you do, because maybe there is that exhibitionist or ego thing to it. or maybe it's just fun and meaningful in some way to attempt to feel no shame and try to do something and connect with something. who knows! who knows why we do anything that we do. as far as things to get into, music and art is not so bad. 

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KC said...

you have made my day. I love this song, and this version is pretty much the best.