Thursday, September 27, 2012

shimmer and murk

i am trying to get a bunch of drawings done for an art show. it never gets easier and it doesn't seem like it ever will. making things is hard, man. it's hard to do it and not feel like an egomaniac or a dipshit. it's hard to do it and have it feel right. but it happens if you are good to yourself and try not to try too hard or think that you know so much . making things has rules and those rules are you can't be bad to yourself and expect to have it together to make things that are true. i am trying some new things in my brain and it seems to be working out if i don't push too hard. i am glad i have this sort of thing to occupy me for a long time. it is a cliche, but it is possible to understand yourself through this process of making things and trying to get better at it and get down to the root of it. even if nobody else cares, it is still important to do things and offer that to the universe or whoever happens to look at it or hear it or feel it. can you tell i am tripping out? artwork for president! 

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