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hello. so i am in an art show in paris, france with two amazing people / artists: kyle field and alia shawkat. it opens on may 24th at the brachfeld gallery. as a part of this show, all three of us are going to do a week-long residency in a town called Noyers, south of paris, to work on drawings, make some music and whatever else we get up to. these things will then appear in the art show, so there will be things we bring with us that we made on our own and together. all under the banner of GREETINGS, which we all decided would be a great way to do things and say hello to france. i've known kyle for a while and just met with alia a couple months ago, but we all have a deep respect and admiration for one another and i'm truly stoked to see what happens with all this. our common friend, danielle rubi, put this all together for us and she's the buddy glue that will hold us together. it's a dream scenario to be able to go to a different country and work on things with your friends. i am thankful!

and here's something:

we made a poster for the show and had it silkscreened up in a limited edition print. we're going to have these at the show, but more importantly, we're trying to sell some of these online to help cover our travel costs. here's the deal:
-numbered & signed (by all three of us) edition of 100
-18x24, split fountain (that's a gradient silkscreen, each print slightly different from each other), printed by dave windisch.
-65 for sale online, 35 at the gallery
-if you order online, they won't ship until we get back (the 28th-ish of may), HOWEVER each print will include an original drawing, doodle, object, or some sort of original relic from our time living all together in this house in france for a week. we're going to be making breakfast and drawing, maybe painting a rock, drawing on a stick, who knows what this might be. but it will be a unique one-of-a-kind thing and we will  include it with your print. it will probably be silly, but it might be epic, and no matter what it will be full of appreciation for your help in covering our costs to do this thing. maybe we can even make some sort of certificate of appreciation or something.
-all this for $45 (plus shipping).
-and you can click HERE to get one.

no pressure!

below is the official gallery description.
of course all this is going to be blogged up here and elsewhere.

Kyle Field
Nathaniel Russell
Alia Shawkat
Greetings is a collection of new work from Californian artists, Kyle Field, Nathaniel Russell, and Alia Shawkat. The work will explore the literal and abstracted meanings of a greeting: the first words from an unknown being, a message from a foreign land, a signal from the afterlife, a connection of the individual with the infinite, a personal plea to the universe, or a presence emerging from the dark. Most simply, a greeting is the turning point between the unknown and the known. As well as having actual origins in a land far from Paris, France, these three artists create work that originates from the far reaches of inner space and describes fantastic worlds, mutated beings, cosmic dreamscapes and metaphysical symbols. Greetings will meet you at the threshold of their other worlds and your own.
Kyle Field, Nathaniel Russell, and Alia Shawkat will be bringing many pieces from their homeland, but will also be creating work for Greetings in France during an intensive creative residency in a medieval village in Burgundy during the weeks leading up to the opening. They endeavor to further explore the implications of the concepts behind Greetings while existing and creating as foreigners in an unfamiliar setting. During this time they will also realize the collaborative musical experience that will be performed at the opening event. Kyle Field has been performing and recording for years under the name Little Wings; Nathaniel Russell plays and records music under the name Birds Of America; Alia Shawkat has recently been performing jazz standards in New York and Los Angeles. 

Curated by Danielle Rubi

Brachfeld Gallery, 78 rue des Archives, Paris 3rd. May 24 - June 25 / Opening reception May 24th, 6-10pm, with a live musical performance by the artists

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