Monday, February 27, 2012


man, i used to be bummed on david lynch. when i was in college i wasn't into his movies at all. i thought it was all just weird for weird's sake, too arty.  but lately, as in the past couple years, i'm into it. way into it. partly it was about reading his book "catching the big fish" which is about his meditation practice, partly, but mostly about taking it deep and creativity and big ideas and believing in things. heavy and so so very good. you should get the audio book because he reads it and you can listen to it while you're strutting around or on a long drive.
then i started watching some of his movies again, mostly making my way through twin peaks and thinking about how much these things are about dreams. and dreams are really strange and abstracted but there's always that truth to them bubbling underneath. maybe you've always been into this dude and i'm way behind here, but i've been having a good time exploring all this stuff with new eyes and ears. also, this opening sequence just mellows me out every time. i wonder if there's some secret relaxation open mind witchery going on with these images and the music? it works.
mostly i think i love how these things work on a subliminal dream level and are also sort of ridiculous and easy to make fun of. joking and not joking. also viva la dr. jacoby.

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