Sunday, September 25, 2011

the ends

i am leaving australia tomorrow to head back home. i have mixed feelings about this. i am using this melancholy photo of a rocky windswept beach at dusk to illustrate my emotional landscape.

meanwhile, still walking around looking in windows

new pet

new self-image

van, be my carry-on

alright, maybe it's a good time to leave after all

candy is weird

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Josh Aggars said...

Oh my I remember that feeling. The void of leaving something so familiar and full of great memories with a feeling that there's still so much left unfulfilled. The only way to get through it, in my experience anyway, is to lie to yourself that you'll be back and this is only temporary. Well that was 10 years ago now!

Hmm that's quite a bummer of a comment actually isn't it. I should be more positive for you. Err, the snakes will be out in force as you say so you're better off out of there. Plus don't forget the crocs.

Good luck with your move.