Monday, August 8, 2011


man, i i used to love this band. i found this video by accident this morning and was reminded of how into guv'ner i was. their guitar player had the raddest and weirdest sounds. i think it was only possible to make those chords between 1985-97.
the year: 1996. the place: susdy malone's in cincinatti. it was a weird bar what was also a laundromat and was the closest place to muncie that had good shows. plus you could get into bars if you were 18 in ohio. still, it was 2.5 hours away. me and some buddies drove over there and it was amazing! you know how rock shows are when you're 20? they are the everything. there was only a couple people there. i felt bad for the band but stoked for us because the band was really nice and played "cameo" when we yelled for it. then they took a picture with us. such sweet summer memories. i miss indie rock, man. that shit was fun.

that's me on the lower right with the dude touching my head. and that's the lady from cat power in the middle there. she opened up the show. i saw her take a shirt out of a dryer right after, too. she stole that shirt, man.