Thursday, April 14, 2011

paint a picture

-spring is here! website is done! juices are flowing! wind is blowing! let's do it!
-i saw mike watt + the missing men play watt's new opera last night. i have no qualms in saying that it was the most inspiring and thrilling piece of art i've experienced in years and years. i honestly can't remember the last time i left a performance or gallery or rock and roll show so pumped on the possibilities of life and creativity. there are very few people in the world i am a true fan of, but this dude is the real deal. i hope i have one-tenth the energy and life in me when i get to be his age. i got to hang out for a couple minutes with him alone and the amount of knowledge, stories, and wisdom that poured out of that dudes face in those moments reminded me of the history, magic, and wonder that's out there and in here. whew. so serious.
-i'm beginning construction tonight on the "grampa's waterfall" skate obstacle. more to come on this.
-spent some quality time with somebody up there in years lately? maybe you should try it sometime. i tell you, a lot of things that seem to trouble you sort of melt away and things can become pretty clear. we should really respect and treasure those of us who find themselves at the end of their respective journeys.
-"that was reverse jazz!" - snap
-i shaved my beard and i feel refreshed. sun's out = guns out

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