Wednesday, March 16, 2011


did you see that drawing a few posts ago? it was for this, a mike watt in-store tour poster. on his current long-ass tour, a couple independent record store dudes (luna music here in indianapolis and criminal records in atlanta) decided to set up a whole bunch of watt in-store appearances at record shops before his gigs. and then i made posters to go with them to promote these and for him to sell on tour for a little gas money or whatever. they are silkscreened by our buddy mr. windisch down in bargersville. go see watt and he'll probably have some. support independent record stores and touring legends. and dude! i got to make mike watt tour poster.


Chip Baker said...

Nice work!

greigoreite said...

Mike Watt's crew had none for sale in Richmond tonight, unfortunately.