Tuesday, March 23, 2010

really real

fresh batch of hotness:

poster for your personal library or den

poster about the totalness. totally.

poster about the new mysteries

poster about the NOW all around you

all of these made in collaboration with the fine folk at studio patrick in belgium/france. below you can see an artist's representation of anaick from studio patrick's spirit animal:

more information on the availability of these to interested parties coming soon! but holy crap it's great to have them in real life and not in pixels and dreams. REAL.


Hiss Golden Messenger said...

dude, those rule.

Buddy Nuggets said...

need em!

Erin K Drew said...

i'm in. now i've gotta dig a den!

elka said...

Nat I want one of each. Frickin' rad. I have now decided I should collect your stuff because you will be considered a legend in the future. (Also, am inspired and want to get to work on my own total totalness now. Thanks buddy!)