Monday, February 8, 2010

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will kick off their highly anticipated, inaugural exhibition featuring original artwork by 40 of its artist collaborators.

The 2K t-shirt line, which began in Japan, was sparked by a passion for art and a mission to bring the arts to a larger audience. An initial journey to the US to seek out original artistic images was met with frustration as the majority of t-shirt prints failed to move beyond highly recognizable, mainstream artists. This experience launched the quest to bring a broader scope of artists into the public eye, thus establishing the roots of the 2K artist t-shirt editions.

Together with New Image Art gallery in Los Angeles, 2K By Gingham will showcase the work of 40 artists from the t-shirt line for their premiere US Exhibition and Pop-Up Shop. Included will be well-known artists such as Milton Glaser, Janette Beckman, Deanne Cheuk, and David Shrigley in addition to many talented, up-and-coming artists in the spirit of 2K By Gingham.

The Pop-up shop will contain collections from past seasons as well as the new Woman’s Line, which debuts this spring, and other exciting paraphernalia from the artists.

Please join us for an evening of art, celebration, and 2K By Gingham t-shirt shopping. For the first two hours of the evening, Mezcal and Tequila tasting will be available, courtesy of Metl Reserva Especial. Throughout the night, drinks will be provided by Primo Beer, Hawai’i’s original beer.’s Hoseh and DJ Nobody will generously supply the evening’s music.