Tuesday, December 29, 2009

big feeled

whilst cruising about on my recent trip to san francisco i had the good luck to intentionally stumble upon a big old painting by one of my favorite artists and tight buds, kyle field.

pretty rad to see him get big on this thing and with acrylics, too!
i'm used to seeing kyle work small and mini, and i must admit i about crapped myself when i saw the 8 foot cheeseburger guy looking down on me.

pretty sure i saw this dude lurking out behind the fernwood a few years ago trying to sell me an "essence portrait". one thing i love about kyle's work is it's consistent color palette. these colors are important ans seem to be of the elements!

good luck buddy

long john fiddlepoke? please let this band play my wedding.

epic poem stars

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C C M M A A D D A A said...

i didn't believe it the first time i saw it, but with those colors figured it couldn't be anyone else. nice photos.