Monday, November 2, 2009

back to the lake

i got my copy of the new rustangs album in the mail today. it's on kyle's RAD label.

i made the art to be easily silkscreened, which the dudes indeed did. recycled lP cover styles always makes me happy. this record is awesome and should be in your collection.

it reminded me of this: my first ever record art! i made it when i was 18 for my good buddies' band, Tomato Justice. i think it was 1994. look how bummed that dude is on the cover. deep!

as you can see, i've come a long way, just to circle back around. i actually played bass for a little while, until we all realized i sucked, or i broke my arm, or both. i grew up with these guys and i miss them.

see? it's like rat bones but a tomato. that song nitelite was awesome. kind of bummed there was no recording of my only songwriting contribution, "malpractice nightmare", a song about going to the hospital to have your tonsils taken out and instead having your genitals removed on accident. classy.

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kristen a. said...

why did i think a "just like heaven" cover was part of the tomato justice repertoire? perhaps it just ended up on the cutting room floor...?