Friday, March 27, 2009

instant karm

so a month or so ago i took part in southern exposure's monster drawing rally.
i got off a plane from mexico and took the bart train straight to the party.
it was very crowded and i didn't really see anyone i knew that well and i felt a little weird holding a bag filled with swimming trunks and sand. i ate a taco outside and waited for my time to draw. what happens is a whole mess of artists are in a big square drawing whatever they can in an hour while people cheer them on or talk to them and generally just get excited. then they pin the art on the wall and people buy it for $60. i was pretty stoked to do it and this was the first year i was invited, so needless to say: happy guy over here. and you know what? it was totally weird to draw in that situation. way weirder than i expected. it was really fun, but i started getting nervous and could feel the eyes all over me. and some drunk teenagers tried to take my brushes and draw and i felt like such a square for telling them that i was using them and they had to stop: grampa bumming out the kids. long story shortish: it was fun, strange, frustrating, exciting, and ultimately a totally worthwhile experience. here's a handful of the 8(!) drawings i did in an hour. i hope i get to do it next year and deliver heavy goods.

i've been on such a smog kick for the last few months. i was listening to this song on the pod about 10 minutes before i had to draw. the song about push ups in a winter rates seaside motel. i should really be doing more push ups. but, like, emotional push ups. ripped brain pecs.

paparazzi! poor little LiLo and SamRon.

i totally blanked as soon as i sat down so i kind of redid a drawing from mexico that was a gift for two dear friends of mine. this one looks way different, but means something else because i was making it for a different reason. the context and the content and all that. side note: the person who bought this is a painter who i am big fan of and it made me feel real good inside. connections, man.

cat's cradle, man. the infinite webs! it makes me think about KVonn. some people like to hate on KV, but i don't understand it. but i'd like to talk about it and tell you why you're wrong. also this looks now like a really blatant subconscious ben shahn rip off.

-i just drank a lot of coffee
-go to mollusk tonight for the art show below


Jf said...

hi i was actually at the southern exposure monster drawing rally and bought your drawing of the two ultra stylish shredders skateboarding. thanks for doing the drawing rally. i really love your art and it is one of the few opportunities someone with my budget would be able to score something so cool. thanks again.


Jamie Watson said...

I really liked the way you told this story and the drawings you made, too.

nathaniel russell said...

yes! i love knowing that these guys go to good homes! thanks, dudes.

Abbyg said...

are those glowing orbs of gay sex-magic in those guys' pants or are they just happy to see eachother?

Michelle Blade said...

my guys are so rad