Thursday, August 21, 2008


did i ever put this up fully? i did art for the new neil halstead record, that is put out by the lovely lovely people at brushfire records. it's printed on some recycled stock and they did a pretty amazing print job. i heard there are some posters around, so keep your eyes out, i may have some at the art show in september. anyway, it was a pleasure to work on this, neil's music is rad and he's a really nice person. brushfire does great things and it was great to work with them. buy this on LP, it looks rad on a big format.

ps major announcement coming soon regarding you, the gentle reader's, participation in a drawing project. stay tuned!


Ryan said...

weird i was just listening to his music online as i read this. nice job on the album cover, looks great.

Jamie Watson said...

I love the little boots and the flowers and the bird and the letters.

Jake Troth said...

just saw the poster you did for Jack and a washington date.

magical said...

so good!