Sunday, September 23, 2007

do your thing

-i saw sun ra waiting for the bus
-i don't even know what this means, but i guess this person feels so strongly about hogging the powder that they had to tell everyone who sees the back of their suby about it: attention world! i hog the pwdr! i am a pwdr hog!

this is turning into a blog of photos and videos. more drawings to come. but more pictures, too.


Toddy said...

For most of the years of my youth my father was a ski patrolman in the cascade mountains in Washington. We would spend just about every weekend during the winter and spring months up there in the ski lodge where I was a member, fo rsome time, of a ski school called "Powder Pigs." We wore big puffy red jackets and light blue ski caps that had this badge with a cartoon of a big doing the snow plow stop on it. There was a time when owning a Subaru and having a license plate that reads "Powder Hog" in a clever spelling would have been the coolest. That and wearing mountaineering sunglasses (the kind with the leather periferal protectors) and cut off jean shorts for the Spring sunny days.
In this very deep, old place in my psyche, I get it.
I get Sun Ra too, but in a totally different, later period.

nathaniel russell said...

the ski thing never even entered my mind. i have never downhill ski-ed, so it just went over my head. thanks for enlightening me. you learn something new every day!