Thursday, July 5, 2007

shred to live!

so what we would do is steal pallets from behind grocery stores by throwing them in the trunk of my mom's car. then we would arrange them in creative ways for maximum shred output. start in the garage, over the rough driveway concrete, to this stunning display of launch ramp to boardslide about two feet off the ground. this must have been january in maybe 1991, as i think i got this steve cabellero board for christmas from my uncle and it was before wheels got really small in 92 or 93. and there is still snow. you people in california have no idea how much it sucked to have to skate around snow. hand on cold concrete = yipe! note the fine construction of the rail, which is a fence post nailed to a 1x6. photo by andrew harrier.

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david/frank=ribbons said...

in worcester MA it was all PVC pipes nailed to 2x4s. maximum slide power. Nice air in that photo, were you sponsored?