Sunday, April 29, 2007

print of the month (moment): double positives

here is the new print of the month: double positives.
so i've been thinking about posters and design and protest and inspirational messages and this p.o.t.m. is those things in a nutshell and a future project in its infancy. as i was making this one on a beautiful sunday afternoon, i got to thinking about how (i believe) one used to be able to go to a shop and buy a poster with a peace sign on it, or a picture of a cat, or a feminist propaganda image, or a flower power picture. can you still do that? you should be able to do that. and then i got to thinking about protest posters and how these are protest posters: they protest despair and hopelessness. the promote promise and the power within us all to do great things and be good people.
this is also kind of a two for one: two inspirational posters, perforated in the middle for easy separation or keeptogetherness. the guy on the right, the wise old kat guy, he's saying don't worry so much. or don't be on your "don't" trip, or just don't freak out, keep it together and make something good happen. the guy on the right, the flower and wheat bunches: host with a line through the o is danish for harvest. so plant your seeds now so you can reap the benefits later. harvest yourself and pour it out like one of those cornicopias (sic) from thanksgiving. all over the place.

-$25 with shipping (paypal nb_russell (at)
-4 color silkscreen, edition of 40, 18x24 perforated in the middle (i am quite proud of the perforation)
-i printed these on different colored paper: white, grey, pink, blue, and yellow. tell me which color you want and a second choice just in case
-for more inspirational information i recommend investigating Cobra, Sister Corita, Wallace Berman, and going to see my friend sam flax keener play with his band at 12 galaxies in san francisco on wednesday night.
-thanks for looking, i appreciate it.


laura b. said...

wow, this made my day. i guess if i bought one it could make my day every day...

i'm going to contact you about that in a second.

minardi said...

Double Radd! But I'm disappointed that you intend to quit blogging, dude.

Anonymous said...

What's this about quittin bloggin? Noooo Waaay!

Frank said...

hey nat!!

Its frank. First, that was the best blog entry ever,
second, I'd like to reserve one if i still can. And third, i didn't know you were going to stop blogging, but if you need to thats okay. Just do it knowing that it was/is good anyways and one of my favorite things to read on the internet.